Overlay & Inset Bone Inlay Furniture of Black Lattice Cabinet

Dimensions— 110cm x 40cm x 170cm

This Listing includes : 1 x Bone Inlay Cabinet

  • Bring bold design to your abode with a stunning bone inlay Cabinet featuring meticulously handcrafted pieces.
    • Bold monochrome Cabinet
    • Handcrafted bone inlay
    • Stunning lattice design
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Introduce an element of visual interest to your home decor with this Bone Inlay Furniture that features a stunningly detailed and handcrafted bone inlay design that is bound to catch the eye.

  • Striking bone inlay Cabinet
  • Adds an element of visual interest to any interior
  • Stunningly detailed lattice pattern
  • Handcrafted and ethically sourced bone inlay

A standout in style with its eccentric design, the Overlay & Inset Bone Inlay Cabinet makes for a simple yet stunning addition to any contemporary home.

Striking abstract detail

With its intricate bone inlay detailing and lattice pattern, this Cabinet brings a pop of color and abstract visual interest that instantly adds a bold decorative touch no matter where it’s placed around the home.

The art of Bone Inlay

Originally handcrafted for the royal palaces of Rajasthan, the time-honored art of Bone Inlay involves intricate fragments of hand-carved buffalo bones being affixed onto furniture in mosaic-like designs. Our bone inlay collection has been handcrafted from ethically sourced buffalo bones in India, making each piece unique in its disposition.


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