Bone Inlay

75 / 100

The BONE inlay is Specific Art of India. In this Work   Four Step are involved.

 The First Carpenter make Wooden Structure .

 After then our skilled carving Artisan carved Design on Wooden Structure.

 Our Artisan make Shape of bone as per Carving. By using Hand Cutter they make thousands of Bone Pieces. And check every bone Pieces with carving Design.    

Finally inlay they affix those (Bone) pieces on to a wooden structure in intricate Pattern and Use Resin to Make color and finishing.

  A Typical Piece of furniture takes about 3 Weeks to Make.

 We Do not kill animals (camels). We use Remains after died of natural cause

We are leading Manufacture of Bone inlay and Mother of Pearl inlay furniture and Gifts like bone inlay console table , bone inlay Box , Bone inlay dresser , Bone inlay desk bone inlay cabinet , bone inlay tissue Box , Bone inlay tray , bone inlay coffee table , bone inlay bedside table also make customized furniture .

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